A New Year - fresh ideas lie ahead!!


I truly appreciate those of you following my newly launched art business.  This has been a lifelong desire for me to have time to focus on my art and it is now that season of life where I can do so!  I am busy right now creating newly inspired pieces, one of which is highlighted here, “Moonrise at Sunset”.  This 8 x 11.25” cold wax and oil painting on oil paper is a new experiment for me.  I took a class from Liz Moore Hosier at Gallery Citrine in Wilmington during October so I could learn how to use this medium.  (Yes, art is a lifelong venture and I will continue to try to learn new tricks for visual expression!)  This piece is at sunset on the Intracoastal Waterway at our community dock area, where I’ve literally taken hundreds of pictures.  The colors of the sunset were amazing enough, then the moon appeared!  I simply had to paint it , and this medium proved to be the perfect way to capture the color and depth of the scene.

With a New Year always comes high hopes and expectations for good things to come.  It also promotes reflections of the past year and an opportunity to set new goals.  Since retiring from my career job as a pediatric physical therapist on September 1, 2021, I became immediately consumed with launching a new art website and diving headlong into creating art!  Instead of having to force time into my schedule to paint, I now have the luxury of painting during my previous working hours. 

The first week of retirement was spent marveling at the thought that my day was now my own – I could linger over breakfast, spend quiet time with the Lord, watch the birds coming to my feeders in my backyard, and most importantly, have time to PAINT!!!  Well…..the whole concept of slowing down quickly vanished as I decided to launch this new website so that I could have an easy way to showcase my art creations.  It was a little daunting at first, especially trying to follow the advice of my website platform, Art Storefronts, to spend time marketing my art.  This is all new to me – yes, I have posted all along on social media, but spending time curating my website platform and developing relationships through it with my followers is a new thing.  So pardon my “green-ness” (is that a word?), but I am now looking forward to this relationship part and sharing some insights from me to you as we move through this journey together.  THANK YOU for supporting me in this venture – I look forward to hearing more from you in what you like to help steer me as I create.