Try Something New

It is a busy art season as I prepare for upcoming shows and work on building up my inventory to share.  One thing that keeps things fresh for me is to step out of my box and try new things.  I never considered myself an abstract painter but took a class a few years back and found that I enjoy the freedom of working in abstract.  It is always a surprise to me at my finished product - I may start out with a theme in mind, but somehow during the process, the painting leads me into a different path, which I find enjoyable. 

One term for trying new things is known as “a pivot”.  You pivot away from the tried and true and try something new – did I just make a rhyme?  This is true of life itself – I don’t believe in being bored, and it is up to you to make the change out of that into something fresh and exciting. Life is too short to spend time being stagnant when there are so many things to learn, see and do!  I love being with my grandchildren as they see things for the first time.  They learn so quickly and are so eager to learn more! 

As an artist, I am always looking to “see” things in a new way.  I love exploring light, color, shape and form.  Try looking at things from a new angle – when you go out, don’t forget to look up and see the tops of the trees against the cerulean sky and the cloud shapes that are ever-changing.  Look down to see shapes in the shadows, the emerging daffodils signaling a soon to be spring, and the small critters that crawl and creep on the ground.  And look out and between the branches which are starting to bud for spring while the winter birds prepare to migrate back to their summer homes.

A busy spring lies ahead – I am already scheduled to paint during two plein air events.  The first will be during the NC Azalea Festival (April 8-10) where I will be painting live in the gardens of the Cape Fear Garden Tour Azalea Garden Tour (go to for more info).  The second event is the Wrightsville Beach Invitational Plein Air Paint Out from May 2-8.  In addition, I have entered paintings into multiple art shows and have works in several local galleries (Water+Color Gallery and Gallery Citrine).  I am truly loving my new career as an artist during my “retirement” years.

I hope you enjoy my stepping out into abstract, but please know that I am still dedicated to painting realistic and impressionistic paintings of the things that capture my attention.  I always love feedback so thank you for your comments as I post on social media and send out emails.  And remember…. “Pivot away from the tried and true – and experiment with something new!”